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Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (Japan-2002)

Kaiju: 26th Godzilla film... Godzilla is once again back and the Japanes government come up with this great idea.... take the DNA from the dead Godzilla from the 50's and build a mechanical Godzilla using that DNA to control it... basically, a machine that resembles Godzilla that thinks like Godzilla.... well, think it about it.... what do you think will happen.... exactly.... this was actually wasn't that bad.... 4.0/8

Meet The Blacks (2016)

Horror/Satire: Known as the Black Purge the Blacks move into an all white rich neighborhood on the night of the Purge thinking that rich folks don't participate... well, they were wrong. So was this film. Full of racial stereotypes, dull action, and not funny comedy I could not wait for it to end just like I am waiting for my Netflix subscription to end... I like the shows but the horror movies on this site has been going down hill for awhile now..... 2.5/8
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