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"Middies on wrong side of the track"

An interesting article appeared in the Enquirer this morning. The article explains why Middletown's track records have been dropped from this years honor roll and the Top Ten Poll that is published in the Cincinnati paper.
Apparently the coordinator of the area coaches poll, who is named in the article, made the decision. There is no question that Middletown is not a Cincinnati school, however that's not the issue. It's a school that is in a Cincinnati league. The driving distance to the I-275 beltway, where half of the GMC schools are located with the other half further north, is not much farther that the Dayton suburbs. Every other sport from football, basketball and all the way down to tidily winks is listed in a Cincinnati poll.
It looks like the Enquirer sides with Middletown on this one.
I don't think geography is the real issue here. What do you think?
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