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Originally Posted by Crimson and Black View Post
Championships can be won with those 99% run schemes, but it is incredibly difficult. CM has done it, Colerain has done it, Mooney has done it, Hilliard Davidson has done it, Hartley has done it, Kirkland has done it, but in the grand scheme of things it is VERY VERY RARE OCCURENCE. I think the same holds true for those that run a pass happy air raid attack. The majority of Champions are the ones that have a balanced attack and throw it in running situations and run it in throwing situations. Can it be done....hell yes, is it difficult, and based on past champions are the odds against it.....yes. Will the balanced offensive scheme or the 99% run scheme win Saturday. Iím going with the balanced offense.
You are correct....Hartley has done it....two years in a row....

But please do not stop your bashing of CM....You are giving their players and coaches plenty of locker room material.
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