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Originally Posted by OriginalFalconII View Post
Will any Big Red faithful be tailgating at the Fairgrounds? If so , assuming we are worthy, I am sure many of us Massie faithful would enjoy a few cold ones with some of you. Both programs have huge followings and I think it would be a good time to get a little pregame banter.....

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That sounds like a good time. In previous Championship weekends in Massillon fans from all participating teams and others met at the shelter house next to PBTS. Each year the event was organized by the late Buckeye Bill. Different folks brought food and drink and it was a great time. It was essentially put together via JJHuddle posters. Too late for this year but maybe next year a group can put together THE YAPPI Championship weekend party.all that being said, Iím sure 5here will be some intermingling of fans at the fairgrounds. With the smart phones and this site it would be easy to find each other. ROLLREDROLL
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