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Originally Posted by Crimson and Black View Post
Here is what I see: first, your harbin points were 24 and the big red had 33, the 11th highest in all divisions. However you want to spin it, the system is designed to award teams who play teams that win. I look at the Fslcons schedule and I see a lot more really bad teams on your schedule than ours. Again, people can spin that how they want. You guys average just under 50 a game in the 10 game regular season. In the playoffs you are at about half that. In other words good teams seem to figure out how to slow down your running game and scoring. I think you can pretty much assume Big Red will also. You gained 133 yards rushing against JG and it to a pick 6 and an improbable 4th and goal from the 25
Completion to win the game. Before last Friday have you guys trailed this season by more than 1 score with 4 or 5 minutes to go? If you fall behind in this one by 14 or so I think you are pretty much guaranteed the runner up trophy. There are a couple of programs in Ohio that have won titles with the ... OK foe..... here is what we are going to do , you know it, and we know it, now stop us. CM, Mooney, Hill Davidson, Colerain and Kirtland have that mentality. If we get 8 guys in the box, that style wonít work. You can remind me of Hartley but they threw it more than you know and at the end of the day it was the pass that beat us. Iím blown away by that figure of 21 completed passes in 14 games.
I don't have a dog in this fight but CM sounds eerily similar to St. Mary's Memorial in their offensive scheme. They ran the Wing-T and Single-T and were bowling teams over through the regular season. If I remember correctly coming in to the playoffs they had thrown a total of 30 passes the entire year. Once they came up against a good defense in Shelby they were completely shut down and were forced to pass because they had gotten so far behind in the score and it led to interceptions.

If Massie is anything like this I don't see them being able to win the game against that Steubenville defense.
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