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Originally posted by Jteegardner
Willie, boy that brings back memories.

Me and my brother had this conversation last night. We were trying to remember where the railroad tracks ran thru WH. I know they ran along Queen City Ave crossing over Guerly rd, behind Dunham and West Hi, under the Ferguson rd Bridge. It then ran along Glenway behinds Swallen's. From there, my memory gets foggy. Did it run under Werk rd. near where Toys-r-Us is now and cut over Glenway by Westbourne and run along Glenway by where Mar-Fab lumber used to be? It crossed over at bridgetown and glenway. Wasn't there a tall tressel somewhere on Glenway? Please help
anybody got any pics of this stuff they could post? It would be cool to get a visual reference point. Altiora, this is my pick for the best thread ever, and it has nothing to do with HS sports, but man this stuff is cool. You kid me about the jealousy thing, but the truth is like lotr said in a thread on the general board, I really respect you guys a lot for all the tradition that comes from your school, your community, all of it. And history is a bit of a hobby of mine too, so all these stories of the older days are good stuff for me. Thanks for starting the ball rolling here!
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