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Originally Posted by Extra Point View Post
Maybe Trump Enterprises sponsored the team.......[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

By the one got too upset when the native American boys from a North Dakota University called their intramural team the "Fighting Whiteys"

....funny stuff.....
If you cant see the difference then I am probably waisting time talking to you. First of all I never heard about the intramural team in North Dakota, and if they did do that then they were wrong as hell and should be rebuked accordingly. This is even more aggregious because these are high school students, with an adult coach and parents in attendance at their games. Even more aggregious is the fact that the idiot coach was obviously okay with this, and the parents also because I would assume they paid for the jerseys. One of the parents was even a school board member and knew and didnt stop it. absolutely unacceptable

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