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Originally Posted by Descartes View Post
Then go find them, no more bs excuses. The staff needs to find out which kids can ball, get in touch with the marketing department and have them reach out to the kid. Last time I checked, that's totally within the rules. Get the kid to the Open House, have him shadow and if he decides to go elsewhere, fine. However, yr after yr teams built of averaged sized Guards isn't going to cut it.

And every good team has a Defensive specialist. Look at Duke. They've got Matt Jones who plays primarily for his Defense. He can still score, but he's looking to get the ball to Kennard or Allen first.
Once It's fine they have defensive specialists, but those defensive specialists that only play defense further limit a putrid offensive team.

I don't see a whole lot of offensive options coming up the ranks with the exception of one kid that plays on the freshman team. And I don't see the offensive philosophy changing.

My guess if these kids played pick-up ball, a whole bunch of them could score. What happens to them when they get into the Elder system?

I am probably one of the few on here who agree with you when you say that Elder takes pride in losing with kids with toughness. It's kind of annoying actually. I think it sells our kids short big time.
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