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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
In typical Tim Duncan fashion, the Spurs retired his #21 last week with little fanfare. I'd recommend you to go to YouTube and watch the ceremony if you have some time, it's about 45 minutes.

I'm not sure we have ever had a more classy superstar than Tim Duncan. We live in time now where pro athletes feel they have to "brand" them selves and be in the limelight. Duncan was the opposite. He was quite, he was competitive, he was everything you'd want in a "team" player, and he was rewarded with 5 titles. 5 Titles in today's NBA puts you in elite company.

Duncan was not flashy, he wasn't going to go iso on the wing and pull up and shoot a 3 like we like today. He posts up, he shares the ball, he sets the defense from the back line, things you don't get stats for. The joy and admiration that his teammates talk of has to be more rewarding than even the titles. It's too bad we don't cherish those qualities in players like we should.
Yeah, it's not like 99% of the world doesn't feel Duncan is arguably the best power forward of all time or anything. Not sure why people don't respect Duncan more.
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