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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Shooters go hot and cold, the Cavs were able to keep him, as you say, from getting comfortable. It is amazing he had the ball for such a short time.

I think Thompson was upset he didn't get to stay in. He didn't go public with that, but who wouldn't want to ride that wave? We get a little too worried about sportsmanship and worried about injuries, etc. It's one game, they had the next night off, he only played 29 minutes, let the kid play. I'm sure if Paul George was going off some night the coach isn't going to pull him.
Paul George:
- Doesn't play on a team with 4 other All Stars
- Will be fighting for a decent play off spot
- Did not get 73 wins last year and did not add a top 5 player this year
- Will not play 106 games last year
- Was not winning by 30+

Klay Thompson
- Plays on a team with 4 other All Stars
- Will likely have the top seed locked up a couple weeks before the end of the year
- Won 73 games last year and added a top 5 player
- Played in 106 games last year, will likely play close to that this year
- Was winning by 30+

The Warriors aren't nearly as short sighted as you. He knows it was a smart decision to come out.
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