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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
But on an actual NBA topic, Klay Thompson had 60 points through 3 quarters last night. Coach Kerr elected not to play him in the 4th quarter of a 35 point blowout. Some debate today...what's your thoughts???

I would have liked to see him stay in. These kinds of nights come only a few times in a career. He had 40 at half time. This is like the baseball pitcher who has a no hitter late in the game and it may be 5-6 to nothing so the game is decided. I think we sometimes go too far with the sportsman ship card, and the "not get hurt" card.
Nothing wrong with the coach pulling him. It was done often in their 73 win run last year. It's smart.

I think that Thompson's arrogant comment, "Too bad they couldn't keep it closer......maybe coach would have kept me in long enough to get 80.", was classless, though. I'd have something special for him next time we played if I was a Pacer.

The amazing thing was that he only dribbled 11 times. The ball was in his hands less than 1 minute. It just illustrates what a great job the Cavs did in keeping him uncomfortable for most of their series.
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