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Originally Posted by Chieftain1995 View Post
TippIsGreat always finds himself on every CBC thread. He’s like the psycho ex girlfriend who keeps showing up to see the new spouse but claims to be “over it”. Get a life dude. Johnathan Alder and Tipp are extremely similar, so the CBC is just fine. London and N Union joining makes the league stronger than ever.
The CBC's probably going to be as good as it's ever been in football next year with the newbies coming in. London particularly is loaded for the foreseeable future. Their first year in the CBC they'll have sophomore and junior classes that regularly won by 50 against teams like Grandview, Bexley, Columbus Academy and Whitehall at the junior high level. I expect them to make 1-2 deep playoff runs right out of the gate.

I think it's pretty obvious that the three additions the league's made are a collective upgrade over the three schools that have left.

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