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In general life is more transient in nature and that trickles down to high school athletics as well .

People move more than they ever have for jobs, changes of scenery , or as we see sometimes to give their kids what they think are better opportunity's . These moves are usually shorter more local moves . We have seen recently two UA kids move from Northeast Ohio and go to UA and help the program. Do they have a few more transfers coming in this year ?

In NCAA basketball there is unprecedented transfers going on, you don't have to just watch the final game where Gonzaga even was bolstered by two key transfers to see that it isn't only QB'S in college football that are transferring in high numbers .

I think a big part of this restlessness is the information you have at your fingertips, images everywhere that gets kids thinking , yearning for something better if not just different , can I get 6-7 more shots a game? Can I start in a year at that school compared to waiting longer at my present school?

Possibly the first pick in the draft and most certainly a top 5-8 pick . Mitch Trubisky of Mentor is given props for actually staying at North Carolina when he didn't start in the first three years, Mitch many said should have transferred like most other talented higher end kids do when they can't get on the field in their first couple years.

PN culture is a bit transient itself, there have been some movement over the years between the buildings as Dock points out and some of these moves have been difference makers { Godwin I and Borens to name just two } , Pick is seen as a destination in general for families within the Columbus school district and has added to the come and go vibe .

Certainly Pickerington isn't alone in this dynamic , Dublin where I live has seen this dynamic increase as well .

PC is the established program , more of a destination I believe for many families looking for the better school system in a place they can afford and the demo's are favorable, may be North is catching up a bit ? More pricey areas in the North district, better facilities , newer facilities .

I am not as familiar with the expectations at North , parents want their kids to paly on winning teams certainly , but I wasn't aware of pressure to win with North Football , I would have thought PC had a higher expectation or was a more pressurized situation than North.

The QB transfer carousel is fairly typical with the top programs { Hilliard Davidson is a definite exception , not sure kids are clamoring to move so they can run the option nowadays} Coffman has been vilified by haters for years for getting transfers at that position ever since Jack Rafferty who played for Coach Crabtree at ST Charles joined him at Coffman in his second year after Brady Quinn graduated to pay his Senior year .

The Stoudt family moved to Pickerington so their daughter could play hoops in a nationally ranked program and moved to Dublin after she was done in high school . Zach didn't start until his Senior year, not exactly a top prospect when the family moved, and Cole was in MS when the move came.

Pickerington QB situation was muddy with two very talented kids Weirick and Lowery , both with years to go caused Lowery to seek another opportunity , one that seems to have some promise as the offense is catered to his skill set and he has a nice transfer receiver in Academy's Bruckner to play pitch and catch with.

It appears that North isn't beating Central this year , but the rest of the schedule is winnable , not sure they go 9-1 but I would bet 8-2 is more than reasonable this year .

Canada in week one at home , Jerome on the road is very winnable as Jerome loses their best players and while they are on the rise with an excellent young coach changing the culture , North has the horses to beat them on the road.

Centerville , new coach , some very good players, but winnable , could stub their toe if they are flat getting off the bus after a nice ride.

Westy Central ? hmmm, off rebuild last year, Magistro probably gets them back playing at a higher level , interesting match-up.

Liberty ? Has some nice players back but loses the bell cow White , but they have momentum ,a growing school with increased numbers, but they won't be the same team as last year .

League foes besides Central are all beatable , and the week ten game with Gahanna will be interesting . 7-3 is the floor, but with a dynamic playmaker with a ton of experience in Weirick having the ball in his hands 9-1 is possible.

I always thought Gahanna with their numbers and demo's { Great track program and Speed potential } was a plumb job for a new coach and it is , but North is also a nice opportunity with some built in advantages , this coach should do well there after he adjusts a bit to a different culture dynamic .
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