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Originally Posted by tribefan23 View Post
Never said it was a NEED for a coach to be in the building. Programs have survived obviously without it. But it is a deterrent. And unfortunately, if the coach has a busy outside job, they won't properly deal with issues that arise in the building.

Not to mention building comaraderie better with kids, grade checks, talking to other teachers about helping kids pass classes, dealing with personal and social issues, the list goes on and on and on and on.........

I can't believe someone is actually trying to argue that having coaches in the buildings isn't beneficial. Amazing
I live in a school district were over half of the coaches are not teachers and 15 of the varsity head coaches are not in the building including football, basketball, soccer. Over the last 20 years these numbers have flexed a little but I have not seen any issues or parent problems based on the job location of the head coach. I have seen head coaches IN and OUT of the building not handle problems as well as other coaches. So in my opinion there is no benefit to job location if all applicant's jobs will allow for the time to coach. Hire the most qualified is what I support. And with today's technology access to grades and communication with a player's teacher is not a problem.
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