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Originally Posted by RAHRAH4KENTON View Post
I think the RBs we have are as good as we need. To me back up RBs are a dime a dozen. I see more pressing positions that need addressed sooner(lbs, dbs, d line, QB)? Maybe letting go of Johnson was a mistake? Yes the whole DL's play was sub par. I look back at letting Zimmer go as more of a negative impact on the D line as any one player?
Im not saying that RB is pressing because it is not, but I don't think there is anything wrong with signing a RB

But yes, I think when Zimmer left, there was an overall downgrade. Guenther looked like he was being VERY conservative this year when it came to pressuring the QB.. But how much of that was the formations and on the shoulders of the coaching staff? How much was that on the production of the players? I bet that question will be answered in this upcoming year.

I don't think they will go get another QB, but other than that, I agree with the LB, and DL. I really think that they need another OL though too.

First 4 rounds, I think they address DL, LB, and OL. At least I think that is what they should do.
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