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Originally Posted by PantherProud View Post
I thought it was going to be Spencer to jump off the wall and commit suicide.

I'm disappointed that they didn't start dealing with the walkers right away. They could easily start killing them off at the gate to deal with them. Sure its going to leave a pile, but that's better than them being there "alive".

Also, hasn't it been established that fire can kill the walkers (by way of the fire burning up the brain)? They could start tossing Molotov cocktails over the (metal, non-flammable) wall and lets the walkers die off. Eventually the fire will die out and that's that. Not as interesting for the plot, but would be a cool visual
This is a critical point that is starting to make the show look stupid. They did a nice job getting me to suspend my disbelief and except that a zombie apocalypse had happened. BUT, they're starting to blow it with the passivity towards the zombies lining the wall. This looks like a great opportunity to wipe the local undead out. How about long sharp "pikes" that they stand on the walls and jab down into the heads of the zombies? You could take a lot of zombies out with 20 guys doing it all day. Or how about dropping things (like furniture, heavy tools, big rocks) on them? You may not kill them but you will smash them up and reduce they're mobility. Your idea of using fire is excellent. Even if doesn't "kill" them they aren't so dangerous as a smoldering corpse that can't move.

In fact there are a lot of clever ways to "slaughter" zombies that are stuck up against the wall. The more I think about it the whole "lead them away" is stupid and would be the last thing a group of people would come up with. The writers like to show humanity's "dark side" and offer us all these warped human society's (wolves, the Governor, Terminus, the Hospital) but they seem to forget that when it comes to waging war when threatened human beings are very ingenious at delivering death and destruction. Frankly, all those zombies at the wall are sitting ducks and a group of human beings would recognize that and act accordingly to remove the treat. This is a serious flaw in the writing IMO.
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