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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
Tonight's episode was okay. A bit of a place holder but they're arranging the pieces on the board for the last three episodes (ONLY 3 more episodes - that sucks).

Without giving away any spoilers:

* The Mayor has gone off the rail and needs to brush her hair. She's scarier looking then the zombies!

* I don't like that sneaky little teenager (I forgot his name) that Carl is competing with for Enid. The kid needs to become zombie bait and the sooner the better.

* I like that Rick is actually mellowing out a bit.

* The sewer zombies raised the Walking Dead bar on gross corpses.

Also, the new show "Into the Badlands" that they promote every ten minutes looks petty good.
Nothing great, but a good table setter for the last 3 episodes. Big question is, do the walkers get into the community? I don't think there is any question they do.

The kid's name is Ron. I wonder if he's coming around and he wants to protect his family or if he wants to learn to shoot because he wants to kill Carl?

I thought Deanna was going to jump the wall and commit suicide. The line she delivered to Rick, when she said "They don't need me. What they need, Rick, is you" came straight from the comic.

Called Maggie being pregnant, though it's not a big surprise and the underground sewer, what a way to move in and out without being noticed. Could be a way out for the community but there looks to be plenty of walkers gathering at the exit.

Maggie accepted that Glenn was dead and then changed her mind by taking his name off the wall. I think the writers are playing games, either wanting us to think he is indeed alive, or just stringing us along just to confirm he is dead.

I don't think Rick will remain mellow, especially after he learns a wolf is being held inside the community.
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