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Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post
Going to 8 when they add 8-Man

I have no problem with the divisions
I don't envision many schools that do not currently offer football deciding to start 8-man from scratch. The initial costs of acquiring equipment would be a difficult hurdle to clear, not to mention how it might cannibalize other fall offerings in which the school might have already made a name for itself (ex. soccer or cross country). If so, rounding up enough teams to have an 8-man tournament would come due to a reduction in the number of teams playing 11-man.

In that case, I'd rather see the set-up remain at 7 divisions with I-VI being 11-man, and make VII the 8-man division. There are 714 schools playing 11-man right now. Let's say at least 40 of them eventually decide 8-man is the better fit for them. That leaves at most 674 playing 11-man. I'd then make DI the top 64 and spread the other 610 evenly among the other 5 11-man divisions. That puts about 122 in each division from II-VI. That might be enough extra teams to reduce the complaints of the lower divisions being watered down. The complaints about enrollment disparity in DI will always exist, but the disparity is reduced a little by cutting it down to the top 64 instead of 72. The other 5 divisions would have about the same number of teams that they had under the old 6-division format.

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