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It's too bad those teams that feel like they are not getting challenged could not have the opportunity to play up a division or 2 if they chose to. That would also let teams and programs in their region that are left every year to wonder what it would be like with out at MAC or perennial powerhouse in the region get a feel for the next level and some new blood in the state semi's. If there was a way to do it that would not get manipulated I think sorting teams by roster size in the 3 smallest divisions would create a truly competitive playing field. I do realize the pitfalls of that, but in a perfect world......

So in a system where it was felt needed to create a seventh division because schools with 600 boys walking the halls couldn't talk enough guys into going out for football to be competitive with bigger schools, you propose to handicap schools with say 150 boys because 85 of them went out for football ?

But I could see this gaining traction in the future, probably along side some sort of success penalties. After kicking private schools out, the focus will next fall on the successful public programs. Instead of studying, emulating, and out working them, it will be decided that it would be much easier to just legislate some sort of handicapping system, bumping them up divisions until they become one of the masses, damn site easier way to level the playing field by some people's thinking.

As to some feeling there is a lack of competition in the playoffs, I don't know what the answer is there. But one thing I have noticed is how hard it is for many of the good programs to schedule out of conference games. What if a system was devised that next years first game, (or two, three, years down the road for logistical purposes) were determined by playoff advancement. Say if you go out in week 11, you open with a team that also lost week 11 in your region,( if not a league mate and already on the schedule) and so on. Say you go all the way and win state, you open with the runner up of the division up ( again providing they are not a league mate and already on the schedule).
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