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Originally Posted by Rangerfan View Post
Thinking that schools would choose to play up a division to challenge themselves is a fantasy. That would be like Amazon saying, "This business is getting too easy. I think we'll raise what we pay to our suppliers to make it more challenging."

What you might see is schools moving up if they felt the higher division is easier (such as schools fleeing division six to avoid Marion Local).
In PA it works both ways. Aliquppia would be 1A based on enrollment which is the smallest division but they choose to play up to 3A for better competition as they would win the statetitle almost every year in A, hell they almost do that anyways in 3A.

In district 10 a group of schools in 4A moved up to 5A to avoid playing Erie Cathedral Prep. They knew they would never advance in the state playoffs at 5A but they just wanted to compete for the district title as ECP only lost 1 in the past decade.
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