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Can't find a thing anywhere about Vance holding any offers. Spiewak and Shelton D-1 players? HUH?? - Vance just got Army offer (D1 last time I checked). I said Shelton & Speiwak were lower level D1 or D2 - time will prove me right.

Centerville graduated a ton and you expect them to be better with an interim head coach?!?! - What ton did we graduate besides DeBord (hurt half season) and Purcell?

Who were the 3 D-1 players from last year's team and where are they going?? I see Debord. Who are the other 2? - Didn't say that so not sure where you are getting this from...?

Are you just making things up? No, you should read more carefully. Keep this post handy for reference after season!
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