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Originally Posted by ELK Strong View Post
PT - let's keep the facts straight. I said 7-3 or 8-2. Debord's Dad was overly optimistic but we all hope for the best with our kids. On 6-12-16, I predicted a 5-5 season last year. "I see a 5-5 season with losses to Lakota West, Springfield, Springboro, Wayne and 1 more (either Fairfield, Pick North, or Lebanon). On defense, Elks lose 3 D1 players and top 4 tacklers, but DL will be better...I hope. On offense, Elks lose top 4 rushers, top 9 receivers, and 4 starting OLs."

Record of 7-3 or 8-2 this year is realistic with 2 D1 DLs (Henderson & Vance) and offensively QB & 2 WRs should be good. Spiewak & Shelton are lower level D1 or D2 skill guys. If Harmon comes back and stays healthy the entire season, Elks will go 8-2. Since he hasn't played a full year yet, I will predict 7-3 and playoffs this year for the Elks!
What world are you living in?? I see Henderson has a good offer sheet. Can't find a thing anywhere about Vance holding any offers. Spiewak and Shelton D-1 players? HUH??

Centerville graduated a ton and you expect them to be better with an interim head coach?!?!

Who were the 3 D-1 players from last year's team and where are they going?? I see Debord. Who are the other 2?

Are you just making things up???
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