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Originally Posted by PantherTown View Post
8-2 is not going to happen at Centerville next year. I heard this same stuff from Debord's dad last year. Your offensive line was the worst in many many years last year, and it is going to be worse. Your QB is adequate but he is not quick like Debord, and he is going to be under a lot of stress. You have 1 scholarship player on the team going into next year, just like last year. That is not going to get it done. Centerville had consistently 3-5 D1 studs every year going into their Sr year in the day of R Ullery. You will be competitive in your division except for Wayne. But you are definitely not going to beat any playoffs teams on your Non Conf Schedule. Another 5-5 season is coming
Ok PT, a few problems......

First, I bet the Panthers are equal or close to the number of D1 players that the Elks have sent to college in the last 7-8 years.

Second, Ron Ullery did not have 3-5 D1 kids a year in his Senior class. There were a few years of maybe 3-4 kids combined on one team, that would include soph, jr, & sr.

Third, holy shi*! We are now judged on what crazy Dad's project for the goals of the football team? Obviously they were lucky to finish .500 or better the last 2 years.

Last, what do you think the Elks & Panthers record will be this year?
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