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[QUOTE=unbiased1;6753958]I have not heard one single person confuse or argue the lack of physical or mental toughness since the loss to Lakota West in the playoffs 3 years ago.

Centerville doesn't lack discipline or toughness, we lack size on the OL & DL. Back in the day, the Elks were sending 2-3 OL/DL to D1 each year.
Last year, we played 6 playoff teams (5 were losses). Two years ago, we played 5 playoff teams (4 were losses). OL/DL the last 2 years have been the weakest part of the team. Until Elks get bigger in the trenches, we will continue to struggle.

Elks will finish 7-3 or 8-2 this year with a grown-up DL, QB, & WRs coming back.

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