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Originally Posted by Grandesign View Post
Fair enough.

The ruling in the case example differs in that the pitcher has contacted the pitcher's plate, steps off, then delivers a pitch (legally or illegally). The balk ruling in the example opposes 6-1-3, imo.
6-2-5 covers this.

Originally Posted by Grandesign View Post
In what circumstance could a pitcher legally feint a pitch, as described in definitions 2-29-5?
Never !! (I don't have my books handy, but I believe you are referring to 2-28-5, which defines a feint.)

6-2-4a prohibits a pitcher from feinting to home or first while in contact with the pitcher's plate.

6-2-5 prohibits a pitcher from making a move that is naturally associated with his pitch. A feint is defined as a movement that simulates the start of a pitch.......and in a nutshell, a pitch begins when any movement with his arms or legs that the pitcher to pitch....(naturally associated movement)

With that, this subject has run it's course. What you describe is illegal under every rule code that is out there.

It's time to move on........
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