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Originally Posted by Zezzo! View Post
It's pretty obvious 14Red is the most facetious poster on here and pretty obvious he's never played any sports. For a guy like him just let him post and don't respond. I've tried to follow your logic and even defended you against a poster I like but it's really impossible.

The more we respond,the more credibility we give him.
Thanks fro the props Zezzo, don't recognize you so not sure how long you've been on here. I think if you look deeper in the numbers and watch the games, you'll understand my posts more. It's more from a logical, common sense approach. You see, you have to look beyond the sports pushing of players or situations. For this issue, the triple double in the NBA is simply a byproduct of a 48 minute game and a 24 second shot clock. There are simply ALOT of statistics that can be attained in an NBA game. Probably the major skill that Russell Westbrook has is his stamina. He's able to play at a high level, a high pace more than just about anyone else. Because of this, he's a stat stuffer. Does that make him one of the best players?? Not necessarily. Has he got worse since last year he's not averaging a triple double? No, not at all, he's got Paul George on the team now and the ball isn't always in his hands at the end of the shot clock like last season. Chris Paul is now back for Houston, so look for James Harden's assists to decrease significantly as Harden will play without the ball more now.
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