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Originally Posted by RightBench00 View Post
"Long time listener, first time caller"

What is the best way to find out teams who may be looking for players? Our summer team has been together for 6 years and is starting to unravel now that we've hit high school ages. Kids are being pushed to play on certain teams with their teammates, etc.

There are only a handful of teams listed on SWOL in our age group. And I've seen a couple postings here. We've been out of SWOL for a few years, so not really interested in being back in the league. And are there other resources to look at the I'm missing?

Is it desperate or pushy to reach out to a coach of team that your kid has an interest in being on that may not have tryouts listed to see if there is a fit?
I guarantee you other parents are doing it, so you might as well do it too. What teams? Just say "I am curious if you are having open tryouts" that is not pushy at all.
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