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Originally Posted by C'Town216 View Post
My picks:
Sectional Champs: VASJ, Lake, Perry, and Edgewood
District Semi Picks: VASJ and Lake
District Champ: VASJ
Reason: VASJ may be young across the roster but no denying Jerry Higgins and his skill set and leadership. By the end of the year they should be rolling into the tournament on a positive start. The one test that would solidify my confidence as I’m putting aside my homerism on these picks and seeing it as an outsider that if Joes can go into the Lake game at Lake and roll them in February before the postseason, no reason to discard them as they fight for another trip to The Schott in March. But if the youth and inexperience shows then this would be Lakes district to lose. However I see VASJ beating Lake for the district crown and to make a return to Canton this time at the Civic Center in March.

However, I wouldn’t rule out Edgewood or Perry coming out either and my sleeper pick would be West G.

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Even if they “roll LC in February” does that mean the Vikings will roll in March? I don’t care if you guys win by 40 in February, have at it. I’m assuming you haven’t seen LC play this season yet?

I do like it that these teams are playing again in the regular season. Hopefully they will continue to play in the future as well.

And there is a big separation between VASJ, LC, and the rest of this field. No disrespect to any of the other teams in this district, but there will be no sleepers here. This is hoops though so you never know. On any given night...

Good luck to VASJ the rest of the way.
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