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Originally Posted by bucksman View Post
Top/bottom is an epidemic at Ohio State and has been through two coaching staffs. It cost them the national title this weekend.

As far as Coach Root's initial post, I'm going to say it's a combination of all three.
I donít see that conclusion at all. I grant that the Jordanís are not good bottom wrestlers but outside of them, who has huge deficinacies on the mat? It is tiresome to keep hearing people say stuff like nato is not good on bottom because Lee rode him and Lizak scored from top. Of course they did. They are elite from that position. Natoís top game was the best itís been this year. Pletchers mat wrestling is decent. McKennas is excellent. Hayes is excellent. Campbell is good on top. Myles is good in all positions. Moore can get better on top but is very good underneath. They lost the national title on Friday night when they lost the 1st four semis and none of those losses were because of mat wrestling. Even Michah did not lose because of his mat wrestling. Nolf is just way better period.
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