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Originally Posted by keato View Post
I will however throw this out there, how many times did you see kids choose neutral down a point or tied??? This tells me they donít trust themselves to get a point from the bottom position. Please donít come back with the guy riding is a beast and nobody scores from the bottom when heís riding!!!
Why do people think escaping is an ďeasy pointĒ and that you are deficient if you donít take bottom? I can score a riding time point and 4 point nearfall from top vs 1 by choosing bottom. When are people gonna realize that top wrestling is getting much better because the reward for being good is so much greater. Hint: get really good on top and take that position or neutral every time. The top NCCA wrestlers are typically best on their feet and on top. To hell with bottom. The auto bottom mentality is for old timers.
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