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Originally Posted by SLAGuy View Post
One local school that didn't have hockey had two kids playing hockey for two other schools.

The way it was explained was that if your school didn't have a sport, they were eligible to play for another local school. Might be an option for some of these barely big enough schools if true.
The kids are allowed to play for other schools but the teams they play on then become club teams and are ineligible for the playoffs and they are no longer an OHSAA recognized team.
This was the situation when Poland, Mooney, Ursuline, Boardman and Austintown Fitch pretty much combined to form one team, mind you they don't have a team anymore. Canfield was the only actual non-club team and they remain as the only team of any sort in the greater Youngstown area but that is contingent on the Ice Zone staying open.

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