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Originally Posted by SLAGuy View Post
16 is enough to play a game, not sure about a season. They need to scour the halls once school starts to bring in reinforcements.
With all due respect, I don't believe you should be playing with 16 kids on a roster. When you get down to those low numbers, you are starting freshmen against another team's juniors and seniors. You are talking about starting a 14-15 year old cornerback against an 18-year old senior running back. On a sweep play this becomes a very unsafe situation and could easily result in serious injury.

To avoid situations like this, a team should have at least 22 players who are varsity ready in order to participate in a game. Let the head coach determine who is varsity ready, not a group of dads with huge egos who want their sons to start a game.

Also, what kind of player do you believe you are going to get by scouring the halls once school starts? Probably not very dedicated ones.

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