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EagleFan, I know what I stated was painfully obvious to many, which was my intent. Someone responded to a similar thread last year by saying,
"football is 11 o 11.....anything else is dumb.....if you don't have enough kids, that's too bad.....too many dems on here wanting a level playing field.....might makes right.....always has.....either play football the right way or go play soccer......this is why America has been so screwed over the past decade....too many people putting up with mediocrity.....sack up and play football the way it was meant to be played."
I know most people have enough common sense to know this is an ignorant line of thinking. I was just firing the first shot before anyone started to veer down the path eleven man is the only real football, which is absolute garbage. I wish some of these kids with programs shuttering or fielding less than x number of kids had an avenue to play competitive football.
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