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Originally Posted by Jacket1816 View Post
Not sure how much Perrysburg will have improved over last year. Andy Brungard is much missed, IMO. Backus is not playing this year at all, a loss to the program, again IMO. Sims is still young, and not sure at all who may back him up, but it will be another youngster. Yellow Jacket line and secondary still not as large as some opponents, so that will likely be a disadvantage for Sims. Of course, that didn't matter as much as 2-3 years ago when that exceptional group of athletes, led by Westfall among others, was so SO great. But the current group of kids is not up to that standard, no disrespect to them. In addition to Backus, several other seniors are not playing this season either. My best guess: maybe 6-4 season, but too many unknowns at this point to be sure. NLL is not the strongest league overall, so that will help the Jackets. I don't forsee playoffs.
I'm thinking more like 5-5 or 4-6 with that tough out of conference schedule the Jackets may limp their way into league play.
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