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Originally Posted by single wing View Post
Here is the article regarding information about Springfield's coach:

Also, I heard that they were in helmets and practicing in the spring.
"I heard" - gotta love it.

It is actually a shame how bad the Blade has become. Even 10 years ago this place would have exploded after significant, and usually muck raking, articles but today there is hardly a whisper because so many people refuse to read the rag anymore.

I vacation several times a year in the Clearwater/St. Pete area and am always amazed at the great positive coverage the local newspapers offer their community in regard to local prep sports coverage. Several weeks ago they did a special on all of the local baseball talent and where they were heading for school and did not even need a gimmick like they all fished together too.

A couple years ago working in Canton and I picked up the Rep and it did some similar coverage on all of the local football talent. All positive, many kids covered, no "pimp", as someone eloquently put it in the past in regard to the Blade.

It is amazing how Toledo eats their own. If you did not know any better you'd think Junga's office is on Cherry St. If anyone from outside the area did not know any different they'd wonder why the QB at EMU gets so much love? Too much "pimp" for me.

Corso and Cole need to go away and BCSN needs to lose all of the gimmick wanna be ESPN schticks and the Blade needs to focus more on GOOD local athletes here and beyond. I'll still read the story on the QB from the 1-9 Stritch team but the fact is that kid does not play at 90% of the other HS's in the area. It is not hard, they are out there. NLLBEST listed two kids that I would really like to hear about (Phillips and Haney) in a positive manner with no gimmick side story, such as they are also fishing buddies. Both of those kids would start at 100% of HS's in the area.

* - In 1994, before the Blade blasted Start baseball for having so many kids out of district they did a really nice story on how three of their top players were also good fishing buddies. Lose the gimmick. Lose the "pimp".
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