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Originally Posted by single wing View Post

Also, I heard that they were in helmets and practicing in the spring.
Do you have a publically available link or willing to identify yourself?

Because we're used to those that start accounts, alt id or new to talk about what disparaging thing they "heard" about someone else and we pretty much assume it's just some puzzy that got his azz handed to him and can't accept an adult way of responding. Not saying this applies to you, you seem genuinely new and certainly not to discourage you at all from talking here so just advice/opinion. If they did this or not, it's easy to come off much, much sadder with this "I heard" stuff. There's a process. If there's something to play out, let it play out until it becomes public? Making anonymous implications, that's just not fair.

As for the other, they self-reported, it was in the papers months ago and only in again now because it has been decided to challenge the sanctions. Sounds like an up-and-up mistake they themselves recognized and for which they've taken and being held responsible. Adults.
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