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My cousin and I try to take in a game or 2 every week anywhere in the state. We don’t really have a favorite. We just like to watch good HS football. This is a weird year for D1. Ed’s and Ignatius are down by their standards. Must of had a couple down recruiting classes. The big side of the GCL is soft as well. Colerain is good but nowhere near a world beater like 04’. The 2 best teams I’ve seen will face each other in the D2 semis when Hoban plays TCC. The TCC defense is lights out. I’ve never seen high school kids fly to the ball like that. A mini version of bama. Hoban is like a machine. We watched McKinley/Massillon and were impressed by both teams. The atmosphere at that game is unparalleled. Mentor is big, McKinley is fast. Massillon is big also and the bulldogs gave them all they could handle. That being said, Menter is 2 touchdowns better than Massillon. It’s high school football and anything can happen, but McKinley will have to play mistake free to keep it close.