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McKMeN V or McKinley vs Mentor #5

Family traditions are passed down all the time. You don't have to live there full time to get them. You can be a fan of an out of state team from birth due to connections. I probably go to more Yankees games than many Indians fans locally go their games judging by the routinely bottom 3rd attendence. It's a great example.

You sidetrack to name calling with bs like frotnrunner (which you can't know cuz you don't know me ) because you know the criticism fits. You guys behave the same exact way as the bad parts of their fanbase do. You live off the past. Ignore that you aren't elite as a program anymore

And you make up stupid excuses like travel being too far. Well it wasn't too far to travel to get an easy win in the mid to late 90s

It's how you guys operate though. Should be scheduling big games with your size school and tradition. Instead you have 2 d4's out of your 4 non conference games

No point in talking to your ad when you guys are known to operate this way now

I'll bring up what I want when I want. If I have a problem with something I'll say it. Again take your advice and shove it

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