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Originally Posted by Neopolitan View Post
What are you basing this on?
Res judicata and respect for the court. They will "distinguish" and they will "clarify" but they will not overturn. Generally speaking, overturning is something they do with established lower court decisions, not their own decisions.

Many jurists believe that Roe was bad law given our federal system and that the issue of abortion was being addressed by the various states and that is where it should have been addressed. Well, the ship has sailed on that. But, within Roe there is much room for states to limit the "right" to an abortion.

My family has been very involved in the Right to Life movement over the years. I believe that there is a strong majority of people opposed to late term abortion and partial birth abortions. I also believe that there is a majority of people opposed to public funding of abortion. Roe would allow both to be outlawed or limited. Of course that is anathema to the screeching mob of "abortion any time any where for any reason" folks but I believe that is where the fight will be in the future.
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