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Originally Posted by MCGal View Post
It's sport specialization and the coaches pushing it are killing hs sports. The lure of 'promised' college scholarship money doesn't help and unfortunately many parents/players are under-informed. College coaches love multi-sport athletes.
Have 2 kids playing sports in college- I totally agree with the first part, but the mutisport part is tricky from out experience. College coaches say they want kids who play more than one sport, but the reality is if a kid is playing at a high level at more than one sport they aren't going to as many recruiting events.. Have a son who played 2 sports in high school and the summer basketball schedule for his high school team almost kept him from getting to the next level with his other sport. It wasn't until he dropped basketball (his passion since he was 5!) after his Junior year that he started being able to compete in events for his other sport that put him on the coaches radars. Luckily, he shined that last summer and is playing D1 at a great school that was a top choice of his, but he missed out on a lot of opportunities during the early recruiting his freshman, sophomore and into his junior year because of playing more than one sport. He watched kids that he routinely beat in high school get offers because they were able to devote themselves to the one sport and get coaches attention more easily by building a resume year round in the one sport.
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