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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
Wow, I can't believe the Federal League only has 3.
I'm told that those 3 Federal League schools (McKinley, Hoover, and Jackson, if I heard correctly) are the only ones in all of Stark County that have girls freshman teams. It's been about 8 years since my school last fielded a girls freshman team. They currently have only 15 girls in the entire program, so it's a tight squeeze to even field a JV team; especially if they encounter any injuries. At least 2 teams on the schedule aren't fielding JV teams, and there could be more.

I've seen a few schools that look like they have enough players for a freshman team, but the issue might be that not enough nearby schools have frosh teams, so it's not worth fielding a team and incurring the associated expenses (coaching stipend, transportation, and game workers) if they can't get games.

I'm sure the issue of dwindling of participation in girls hoops has been discussed here before, but I rarely view this forum. What are the most common reasons cited for the decreased participation? Two that jump into my mind are the increasing participation in all things volleyball, and a misguided thought by some kids that they shouldn't go out for the school team if they don't play AAU. Anything else?

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