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Tons of great performances from Ohio folks!

I believe Gigandet will go, as well. My understanding is that it is top five individuals not on a qualifying team who are invited. The girl in fourth was on a team qualifier, making Morgan the fifth individual.

That would put Kreft as a possiblity, too, if I understand the qualifying procedures. Danny Kilrea was second, but his team was third, and thus eligible for an at-large bid. Should they earn that, that would bump Kreft to fifth qualifier.
(Edit: Actually, after looking over this explanation, it appears I'm wrong on Kreft. It is top five individuals not on an automatic qualifying team are the qualifiers. Since the athlete I mentioned above would only qualify as a team if they gain an at Large berth, he would not be removed to bump up Kreft.

If I'm misunderstanding these procedures, I apologize.
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