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Is saying overstated better? I mean if I say the kids have little talent you and others start reciting the list of D-1 kids, if I say I think the talent is better than most say and the lack of material is over-stated, I get the opposite, can't really win or ever give them enough credit , I get that, no praise is too much .

Never said it wasn't impressive, you've been reading everything I have written on this for years now, , so while we are at it, why is it that that swatch of real estate produces so few D-1 kids? I am really curious as to what inherent disadvantages they have . Of course I see them compared to the current demo of say Pickerington and that's an easy one.
But seriously why is it they have that little talent { OH no here comes the list OF d-1 kids} .

Look fans of any team can talk themselves in to whatever puts them in a more positive light , Hartley fans can imagine being the earnest tiny poor catholic school that somehow started beating the small publics by an average of 3-4 scores from the sticks and stick their chest out, go for it , I just don't have to share your pride and thoughts
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