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Originally Posted by petroglyph View Post
Pleased to see Alter close with wins over Carroll,'Boro and Fenwick. Could have packed it in at season's end, but didn't. Be nice to see the Knights pick up a couple Ws in the post season to salvage some uniform pride.
Donít get too excited. They beat a terrible Springboro team. And won 2 games at home. Last time i checked none of the tourney games are scheduled to be played at Alter. Game tonight was a joke. Flagrant foul 3 minutes into game was an absolute joke. Point guard on bench in first half with 3 fouls in a game that was physically brutal. It would have been a better game if the players would have called their own fouls. They would have been closer to the truth. But that is what is expected when you go play the upstanding folks at Alter.
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