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Originally Posted by Eagle112 View Post
Please define the special needs that these schools provide. Public Schools place and pay for kids on IEPs along with all services inclusive of Counseling, PT, ST, and OT. Privates don't place kids on IEPs that I know of and youre telling us that they provide and pay for Speech, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to the Special needs Students? Please tell us about this population they serve?

First, the Feds and the state pay for the majority of the cost through the public school district for public school special need students.
When a public school student is placed by the public school district with a private school; it is generally the result of the public school district not meeting the IEP and the private school has a program to address the particular situation of a student.
As a general rule, private schools are not required to provide an IEP, but they basically use something similar. When needed, the private school do have Speech, Physical therapy & OT; it depends on the specialty of the private school.
Some of the catholic schools in the area:
St Rita - speech
Linden Grove - autism spectrum disorder
The Springer school -learning disabilities
Summit Academy - AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and related disorders
St Joseph Villa - mental health
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