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Originally Posted by eastisbest View Post
Disagree, it's not chicken and eggs cjb. These aren't clubhouses. Christ didn't say, "Hey, there's a bunch of Catholics in Jersey, let's build a "Church" and some schools and give it to those people. The people belong to the Church, not the other way around. If they are still calling themselves "Catholic," their job is to leave those resources where they do the work. They can drive back to it. They can build new. But first priority is to keep the original, viable. Their job is to create the need. If they don't, then they have "failed." JMHO.

I think your reasoning forgets where "Catholics" come from. They're not born from the womb. God's Church fullfills it's mission by building resources where there are no Christians. This is not in dispute is it? If the Church builds in an impovershed Amazon village, it seems normal. But the idea that churches and schools should be built in the US where there are few or no (longer) Catholics seems anathema. To ME, it appears that the idea of "winning" at any costs has outweighed for many, the purpose of the Church.

There are different missions within the church; some of them are missionary work, apostolic missions and parishes. Missionary would be your Amazon example, apostolic would be the efforts to administer to the inner city residents[In Cincinnati as an example, there are several Apostolic churches that serve the inner city], parishes are a "stable community of the faithful"
"Motu proprio"[issued by Pope Paul VI] directs that parishes in which apostolic activity can be performed only with difficulty or less effectively because of the excessive number of the faithful or too vast a territory or for any other reason, be suitably divided or dismembered according to the various circumstances. Likewise parishes which are too small should be united insofar as the situation demands it and circumstances permit. This directive is the reason why some churches close and others are built.
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