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Originally Posted by St.X fan2 View Post
1)I am not sure if you understand that diocesan priests do not take a vow of poverty but priests from religious orders do take a vow of poverty.

2) You seem to make generalizations because no inner city Catholic schools have closed in my diocese. Some diocese are strapped for cash and not doing well depending where that diocese is located and if there are many jobs in that area.
3) Some diocese are closing churches because of low attendance and they cannot afford to keep the church buildings maintained. There are many parishes closing in Pittsburgh because they have too many buildings that they cannot afford to maintain. There are other dioceses that are not closing schools or churches.
Some schools have merged in some cities because Catholic grade school tuition is high and people can't afford it since there are not as many priests and religious sisters teaching as there used to be.
1) How does that pertain to the economics? I think that was the question being addressed, hypothetically if all lay positions were replaced by Priests in teaching and Administrative positions. I think there's a perception that Priests in American Catholic run schools work for meals and housing, lol. They don't.

2) I stated several times that I was speaking generally.

3) Yes. They are failing. That again, was my point. No debatable point there unless you are defining "success" as not bringing people to God, not bringing customers to the school, not raising funds required to operate, not being there to educate....

I'm presuming you believe there is a need for Catholic based education? If so, how can a case be made that if a Catholic run school closes and is no longer availabe to serve, that it didn't "fail?"
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