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My guess is this will set a new low for overall attendance, since it has been at the Schott. As others pointed out, attendance has been dwindling and there are 6-7 team who are well known not to have big fan followings. The one thing that should be a boost for the Saturday game is the infuriating decision for them to only show the games on Spectrum cable, which the vast majority of Ohio households do not have!

For people I know, cost of the tickets has not been a factor in the decline. The issue for me and some of my friends is how inconvenient OHSAA is making the logistics of attending the events. There was a time when you could always find parking within a decent walk of the venue with the exception of the truly huge games (Lebron, etc...). Today, many or most are required to park in the shuttle lot which can mean long lines and wasted time, especially leaving the arena to get back to your car. That is annoying enough, but last year there were 3 or 4 games where parking was shut off even at the Shuttle lot which forced us to scramble to find somewhere far away from the arena. This would be understandable if the lot were actually FULL, but we could literally see at least a 100 (likely many more) open parking spaces in the lot while driving by on 315.