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Originally Posted by ora et labora View Post
Have had 2 or 3 conversations with you in the past. You tend to be all talk and no action.
I did not know that I have been elected President at Benedictine? What decisions can I make???? If you are who I think you are, you are way off base. Firing coaches after 1 season without cause is not the way to go. Over reacting to all situations is also not the way to go. Commenting on things you know little about just shows how out of tune you are with Benedictine. This is not 1970's or 1980's anymore. There will never be another Augie Bossu, EVER! If slamming Benedictine and their decisions constantly is your way of helping. Than really, they don't need your type of help. You & Fats should just move on. It's 2017, everything is new. All sports have changed the way they're played. From football to checkers. If you don't change with them, you get left behind.
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