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My thoughts from the scrimmage last night against Benedictine. The offense was more balanced with Lindsay throwing a long TD pass and completing several more passes. Keyes ran the ball effectively and scored on a short run. The line play is going to determine how the Irish fare this year. They had 2 starters out on the line last night and they once again struggled pass blocking.

The defensive front seven is small but played fairly well with a couple batted balls and one interception. The secondary had 3 or 4 pass interference calls against them last night and let a few guys get open deep that Benedictine couldn't connect on.

Benedictines offense was very one dimensional. They had a few nice long runs but only completed a couple passes. The QB was off missing a few wide open receivers. I thought both of their lines looked pretty good.

Overall the Irish offense has looked good centered around the sophomores at QB and RB but the line play needs to step up. The defense needs to shore up the mistakes in the secondary and they should be fine. The biggest concern I have is depth as they only had around 40 kids dressed last night. Playing the schedule they have injuries and kids getting dinged up will happen. If the line play improves and they stay healthy it could be very good season
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